X-Band: The Phantom Podcast

#207 - Merry Phantoming

December 20, 2021 ChronicleChamber.com
X-Band: The Phantom Podcast
#207 - Merry Phantoming
Show Notes

For our Merry Phantoming (Christmas) X-Band: The Phantom Podcast we decided to have some phun. We created a quiz to celebrate the festive season. The quiz was open for a live participation with phans from around the world and then afterwards open for all. All together we had over 100 phans have a go.

The top five:

  1. Indian 30,477
  2. Seuj 28,464
  3. Mase 25,934
  4. Marcus 24,579
  5. Callum 22,748

A huge thank you to all who participated plus Mikael Lyck, Marcus and Seuj Abir who joined us and participated. Seuj and Indian are both young teenager phans from India and we hope they stick around and are part of the next generation of long term phans. 

The list of questions are:

  1. What is Ray Moore's middle name?
  2. In which story is Bangalla first shown to be in Africa?
  3. In what year did Mike Manley begin working on the daily strip?
  4. What are the start & end dates for Sy Barry's time on the Phantom daily strip?
  5. What date was the first Phantom strip published?
  6. In what year did Tony DePaul solely take the reigns on the Newspaper strip?
  7. What was the title of Paul Ryan's first Phantom Newspaper Story?
  8. The Baronkhan Sedition is Mike Manley's first Phantom story - True or False?
  9. What is the date of the First Frew issue?
  10. Which was the first Frew issue to be published in portait rather than landscape?
  11. How many times did Ralph Gohs win Best Cover for Fantomen ?
  12. Who was the writer of the 1000th Team Fantomen story?
  13. What year was Frew issue #1000 published?
  14. What do the letters in Frew stand for?
  15. Who was the 12th editor of Fantomen?
  16. Which USA publisher published the most Phantom comics?
  17. Which of the Big 2 Comic Publishers published a standalone Phantom comic first?
  18. What was the first Frew issue published by The Frew Crew?
  19. When did chroniclechamber.com launch?
  20. What episode did the current line up of Dan, Jermayn & Steve host their first podcast together?
  21. Who was Joe's first guest on the Podcast?
  22. Where was the first X-Band theme from?
  23. Who signed off with Happy Phantoming first?
  24. Who designed the current Chronicle Chamber logo?
  25. What is the P3?
  26. Which Phantom creator has appeared on the most episodes of the X-Band Podcast?
  27. In which episode did we first interview Sy Barry?
  28. What number episode was the December 2021 Comics & News
  29. In what year was the First Mallon Diary published?
  30. What is the first known Phantom jam cover?
  31. In the 1996 movie, what is the name of the Palmer family's butler?
  32. What is the name of the 1980s cartoon which featured The Phantom?
  33. Which company recently released a Jungle Patrol Hat and Beanie?
  34. Who composed the score for the 1996 Phantom movie?
  35. What is the name of the shape-shifting fractal biot from the 2040 series?
  36. What is the name of The Phantom's alias in the 1943 Movie serial?
  37. "Things are hotting up" is attributed to which Phamous Phantom Phan?
  38. What is the longest running Sunday Story?

What did you think of the questions? Did you enjoy the quiz. Please let us know, you can email us at chroniclechamber@gmail.com or chat with us via our social media profiles with your feedback at Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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