X-Band: The Phantom Podcast

#230 - September 2022 Comics & News

September 23, 2022 ChronicleChamber.com
X-Band: The Phantom Podcast
#230 - September 2022 Comics & News
Show Notes

Dan Fraser and Jermayn Parker join together talking all the latest Phantom comics and news from around the world. It has been a BIG month in the Phantom world. Phan and creator Duncan Munro takes the place of Stephen who is on holidays and does a great job filling his shoes. We are also joined with Mikael Lyck and Ohm Roy who review the Fantomen comics and the amazing Jean-Yves Mitton book by Black and White Editions

For those who cannot listen to the whole podcast, below is a runsheet with time stamps for you to listen to parts that may interest you. 

Frew Publications Comics Review

  • Frew #1925: 2 Minutes 30 Seconds
  • Frew #1926: 9 Minutes 30 Seconds
  • Frew #1927: 25 Minutes
  • Frew Giant Size 22: 50 Minutes 30 Seconds

Fantomen Comics Review

  • Fantomen 16/2022: 1 Hour 1 Minute 30 Seconds
  • Fantomen 17/2022: 1 Hour 4 Minutes

Black & White Éditions Review

  • Jean Yves Mitton – Le Fantôme: 1 Hour 5 Minutes 30 Seconds

Daily / Sunday Stories Progress Discussion

  • Sunday 193: "Return of the Temple of the Gods": 1 Hour 8 Minutes
  • Daily 260: "The Phantoms End": 1 Hour 14 Minutes 


  • News Corp and Lee Enterprises cancel KFS strips from their newspapers (link and link): 1 Hour 27 Minutes 30 Seconds
  • How do you read your Phantom newspaper strips?: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
  • Thoughts on the X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #227 - The Phantom Goes Digital (link): 1 Hour 37 Minutes
  • Regal Publishers Anniversary Special (link): 1 Hour 58 Minutes
  • Fantomen 2022 Christmas Album for Pre Order (link): 2 Hours 30 Seconds
  • Fantomen Softcover Album and Heart of Darkness TPB now out. Review coming soon: 2 Hours 2 Minutes 30 Seconds
  • Review of Boss Fight Studio Phantom and Hero Figurine (link): 2 Hours 3 Minutes 30 Seconds
  • Jan Hafstrom Exhibition (link): 2 Hours 11 Minutes 30 Seconds
  • Patron Spring Draw: 2 Hours 13 Minutes 30 Seconds

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