X-Band: The Phantom Podcast

#218 - Matt Kyme (Creator and Phan)

May 10, 2022 ChronicleChamber.com
X-Band: The Phantom Podcast
#218 - Matt Kyme (Creator and Phan)
Show Notes

Dan Fraser and Jermayn Parker continues the series of having a good chat with phans who also wear the hat as a creator. We tackle all the hard questions including should the Phantom be allowed a wine with his wife or how to make new phans, do we kill of the 21st Phantom and much more. Grab a beer or milk and let us have some PHUN!

Some of the discussions we have during the podcast are:

  • Matt's history with the character
  • How he would get new phans if he ever stepped into the KFS and Frew shoes
  • The Phantom & the world of digital. 
  • Matt's next projects
  • Under utilised elements of the Phantom
  • Falkism, modernism and the tricky balancing act in-between
  • Should we kill off the 21st Phantom?
  • The Phantom visiting Australia again
  • Silly Phantom tropes
  • Should the Phantom be allowed to have a wine with his wife?
  • Should the Phantom take of his cowl and mask when dressed as a normal man?

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