X-Band: The Phantom Podcast

#212 - January 2022 Comics

February 18, 2022 ChronicleChamber.com
X-Band: The Phantom Podcast
#212 - January 2022 Comics
Show Notes

As we mentioned in our X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #211, due to the festive season, COVID, family sickness and work, we have fallen behind in our comics and news monthly podcasts. With 12 comics from four continents and 34 stories plus the latest Sunday and Daily stories plus a bumper last two months of news from around the world, we decided to split our comics and news into two separate podcasts. 

Now we get into the comics from around the world from the past two months. Jermayn Parker, Stephen East and Dan Fraser are joined by Mikael Lyck and Ankit Mitra as we go through all the comics. 

Some highlights include a passionate plea to Glenn Lumsden to come to a Supanova for some signings and we want to know, did anyone read the replica series that came with the Annual? Please let us know, Jermayn doubts it, someone prove him wrong.

We also discuss the difference between the names of DAKK and DARK for the region beyond the Misty Mountains to the east of Bangalla.

Yes it is a longer than usual podcast but grab a bite to eat and a cold glass of milk and let's get started.

If this podcast is too long for you to listen to, below is a list of topics that was discussed including their time stamps for you to pick and choose. We do recommend listening to the whole podcast though - you can always press pause.

Daily / Sunday progress

  • Sunday S192: "The Ingenues" (2 Minutes 30 Seconds)
  • Daily D259: "The Chronicle of Old Man Mozz" (14 Minutes) 
  • Daily D260: "Death in the Himalayas" (19 Minutes)

Frew Publications 

  • Frew #1908: (29 Minutes)
  • Frew #1909 (55 Minutes 30 Seconds)
  • Frew #1910 (1 Hour 9 Minutes 30 Seconds)
  • Giantsize #19 (1 Hour 50 Minutes)
  • Frew Graphic novel 2 (1 Hour 56 Minutes)


  • DC Hermes Book Vol 1 (2 Hours 10 Minutes)


  • Fantomen 1/2022 (2 Hours 18 Minutes 30 Seconds)
  • Fantomen 2&3/2022 (2 Hours 23 Minutes 45 Seconds)
  • Fantomen 4/2022 (2 Hours 26 Minutes 30 Seconds)


  • Shatki Phantom issue #2 (2 Hours 29 Minutes)


  • Phantom issue #19 (2 Hours 38 Minutes 15 Seconds)
  • Phantom issue #20 (2 Hours 41 Minutes)
  • Phantom issue #21 (2 Hours 43 Minutes)

We would love to hear from you on what you think of what we discussed in the podcast and we hope you have a great time listening to the podcast. 

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